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About HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor® is a digital marketplace evolving the way homeowners connect with service professionals to complete home projects. With HomeAdvisor’s on-demand platform, homeowners can find and vet local, prescreened home service professionals; view average home project costs using True Cost Guide; and instantly book appointments online or through HomeAdvisor’s award-winning mobile app, which is compatible with all iOS, Android and virtual assistants, including Amazon Echo. HomeAdvisor is based in Golden, Colo., and is an operating business of ANGI Homeservices, Inc. (NASDAQ: ANGI).

How to spell HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is one word. The “H” and the “A” are capitalized.




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HomeAdvisor By the Numbers

  • In April 2018, Marketplace service requests surpassed 100 million lifetime to date
  • HomeAdvisor has over 206,000 prescreened and approved home service professionals in its network
  • HomeAdvisor offers real cost information from millions of homeowner projects in 350+ categories
  • HomeAdvisor has more than 5 million reviews submitted by homeowners
  • HomeAdvisor operates in 9 offices across the country, including locations in Golden, CO, Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO, Lenexa, KS, New York, NY, Evanston, IL, Chicago, IL, Fairfax, VA, and Indianapolis, IN.


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All photos were taken by HomeAdvisor service professionals and are available for use in online and offline media publications. Please credit HomeAdvisor DesignMine and the appropriate service professional.

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HomeAdvisor offers an expansive collection of videos – ranging from customer testimonials to helpful project tutorials. You can find all of our videos on our YouTube channel at

HomeAdvisor's Home Hacks Video Series


HomeAdvisor offers homeowners the tools they need to confidently tackle all of their home improvement and repair projects; and we equip service pros with the tools they need to win more jobs and manage their businesses.

connection tools


HomeAdvisor’s patented ProFinder technology helps homeowners find the right pre-screened pros for their home projects.

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Pro Reviews

A collection of more than 5 million ratings and reviews submitted by real homeowners about HomeAdvisor pros helps homeowners hire with confidence.

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Smart Home

Our collection of Smart Home Apps help connect users on demand to prescreened home professionals. Our multi-platform app integrates with smart devices, including Amazon Echo and iWatch, to connect homeowners on demand. Apple Watch App Connects homeowners with a professional by phone in under a minute by using a simple two-step process. Uses Instant Connect

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Instant Booking

HomeAdvisor’s on-demand scheduling tool lets homeowners instantly schedule appointments and view pricing for over 500 home repair and improvement projects.

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Instant connect

Instant Connect immediately connects project-ready homeowners on the phone to an available home service professional.

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Same Day Service

Same Day Service is an on-demand tool for finding and hiring a service professional to complete a home project, today.

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planning Tools

True cost guide

HomeAdvisor’s True Cost Guide gives homeowners local and national home project cost information for more than 300 home projects; it’s the only cost tool founded entirely on real cost data from real homeowner projects.

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mobile app

HomeAdvisor’s award-winning mobile app is the fastest way to find trusted home improvement pros. With the HomeAdvisor app, Homeowners can find and connect with top-rated, pre-screened service professional


Pro Memberships

HomeAdvisor gives service professionals leads management, customer service and marketing tools to help them connect with customers and win more jobs.


Executive Team

HomeAdvisor’s executive team embodies an exceptional mix of Internet all-stars and business leaders.

Brandon Ridenour

Chief Executive Officer, ANGI Homeservices Inc.


Craig Smith



Jamie Cohen

Executive Vice President of Finance and Accounting


Allison Lowrie

Chief Marketing Officer


Ryan Sullivan

Chief Technology Officer, ANGI Homeservices Inc.


Expert Advisors

HomeAdvisor’s expert advisors impart guidance on everything from home improvement budgeting to money-saving tips and DIY projects.


Dan DiClerico

Home Expert


consumer testimonials

The pros on HomeAdvisor have already been screened — and they can't be in the network without being screened. That gives you peace of mind knowing that you're going to get a good company, they are going to be professional, and they'll do the job right. - Terry C.

We really like that HomeAdvisor shows us how the contractor is rated by others. You get a sense of how well the contractor has performed, so you have confidence hiring someone. - Ruth and Martin P.

With HomeAdvisor, you're getting contractors that are available in your neighborhood who actually want your business. HomeAdvisor contractors, are eager to talk to me. They call me within mere minutes to set up an appointment. They're punctual, they're excited, and they're efficient. - Ashley T.

service professional testimonials

Instant leads. The day I joined, I started getting leads, and I was able to talk to potential customers that very same day. That is a game-changer. - Jake Meredith.

HomeAdvisor’s rating system is a great tool for not only me, but for the customer as well. It’s important because the customers are able to kind of pre-screen someone by seeing their reviews, and they can make the choice based on the reviews. - Keith Stuart.

The screening process that HomeAdvisor has is a really good thing. It means my customers don’t have to worry. They can relax and breathe easy because they know the pros have already been pre-screened. - Jason Young.

HomeAdvisor leads are kind of like the throttle on your car. You can generate what you need to generate, or you can back it off and say, whoa; we can’t handle any more jobs. Because you don’t want to get more work than you can do handle and do a good job with. - Diana Tranberg.