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HomeAdvisor Provides Tips to Help Homeowners Prepare Their Homes for Storm Season.

Most common post-storm repairs can cost homeowners thousands of dollars

May 30, 2013 (Golden, CO) — Summer brings the potential for tornadoes, severe thunderstorms and hurricanes across the nation. Preparing for summer storm season beforehand can save homeowners thousands of dollars in home damage. According to HomeAdvisor’s Cost Guide, average national costs for the most commonly requested home repair tasks can range from $6,800 for roof replacement to $285 for a generator repair.

Since post-storm cleanup can strain the bank account, turning attention to a little pre-storm preparation can prevent homeowners from having to pay for more costly repairs. To educate homeowners, HomeAdvisor provides these tips for pre-storm preparation and post-storm cleanup:

Pre-Storm Preparation

  • Tend to window cracks and chipped glass: A chipped window may not seem like a big deal, but when the powerful winds of a tornado, hurricane or severe thunderstorm batter windows, a chipped or cracked window is exponentially more likely to shatter, letting in rain and storm debris.
  • Check and repair roof shingles: Your roof is your most important barrier against heavy rains and winds. Homeowners should make sure the roof is in prime condition before summer storm season. Damaged or missing roof shingles can be a weak link that leads to widespread roof damage during heavy winds, opening up a home to expensive water damage.
  • Remove any dead or dying trees: Rain-soaked roots and high winds combine to make trees a dangerous liability in a severe storm. Remove dead or dying trees and trim trees around the house to prevent trees from toppling on the house.
  • Download the Home911 mobile app: Download the Home911 mobile app, which provides dedicated 24/7 emergency support for home repairs.

The Post-Storm Procedure

  • Evaluate the damage:  To be prepared for when a contractor arrives to repair the damage, homeowners should assess what damage or clean up they can do themselves, and what requires professional assistance.
  • Take photos to maintain a record of property damage: This guards against insurance complications and assures that there is a record of the work that was performed.
  • Beware of scams: More than half of homeowners (52%) say fraud is their biggest fear when it comes to home repairs.* Storm chasers give even more reason for concern.
  • Educate yourself:  Learn what repairs should cost with tools such as Cost Guide, a free resource on HomeAdvisor providing average costs for home improvement projects.

About HomeAdvisor

HomeAdvisor is a leading website and mobile app provider offering resources for home repair and improvement projects.  HomeAdvisor’s patented ProFinder technology matches homeowner projects to the nation’s largest network of over 80,000 pre-screened, customer-reviewed home improvement professionals. Homeowners can make informed home project decisions using resources including: Pro Reviews, featuring reviews from homeowners who have actually been connected with the service professionals they review; Cost Guide, providing average costs for projects coast-to-coast; Home911, offering dedicated 24/7 emergency home repair support; as well as robust home tips and project planning tools.  Access to all of the site’s features is free for homeowners, with no membership or fees required.  HomeAdvisor is based in Golden, CO, and is a subsidiary of IAC (NASDAQ: IACI).

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