HomeAdvisor Pro Membership Options

To help grow your business, HomeAdvisor offers three membership options that let service professionals tailor the program that best suits their needs:


Pro Reach includes a LiveDirectory profile and the HomeAdvisor Pro-on-the-Go mobile app. The Live Directory puts businesses in front of more than 4 million homeowners a month and provides a personalized online profile for a service professional to display their areas of expertise, verified                                                    ratings and reviews, licenses and project photos. Learn More>


Pro Connect includes the LiveDirectory listing, ProLeads, and the HomeAdvisor Pro-on-the-Go mobile app. This app allows service professionals to view and sort their leads, follow up with their leads and manage their account using their Smartphone. Learn More>


Total Connect includes a LiveDirectory listing, ProLeads, the HomeAdvisor Pro-on-the-Go mobile app and a Web Solutions site. The Web Solutions site is a custom web and/or mobile website for the service professional. Learn More>